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People at MSP lab


Carlos Busso
Associate Professor


Mohammed Abd el-Wahab
Ph.D. Student
Emotional Speech

Srinivas Parthasarathy
Ph.D. Student
Emotional Speech

Sumit Jha
Ph.D. Student
In vehicle safety system

Kusha Sridhar
Ph.D. Student
Emotional Speech

Andrea Vidal
Ph.D. Student
Modeling Behaviors

Ali Salman
Ph.D. Student
Face analysis

Yuning Qiu
Ph.D. Student
In vehicle safety system

Luz Martinez-Lucas
Undergraduate Student
Emotion Recognition

John Harvill
Undergraduate Student
Multimodal user interfaces

Tiancheng Hu
Undergraduate Student
In vehicle safety system

Elizabeth Higgins
Undergraduate Student
Human robot interaction

MSP Team over the years

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MSP team in 2010
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MSP team in 2014
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MSP team in 2015
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MSP team in 2018

MSP Alumni

PhD Students

Fei Tao (2013-2018)
PhD Thesis: " Advances in audiovisual speech processing for robust voice activity detection and automatic speech recognition."
Uber, San Francisco, CA
Reza Lotfian (2013-2018)
PhD Thesis: " Machine Learning Solutions for Emotional Speech: Exploiting the Information of Individual annotations."
Cogito, Boston, MA
Najmeh Sadoughi (2013-2017)
PhD Thesis: " Synthesizing Naturalistic and Meaningful Speech-Driven Behaviors."
EMR.AI, San Francisco, CA
Nanxiang (Sean) Li (2011-2015)
PhD Thesis: " Modeling of Driver Behavior in Real World Scenarios using Multiple Noninvasive Sensors."
Honda Research Institute, Mountain View, CA
Soroosh Mariooryad (2010-2014)
PhD Thesis: "Improving Robustness of Emotion Recognition Systems: Continuous Emotion Descriptors, Contextual Information and Lexical Compensation."
Google, Mountain View, CA

Visiting Scholars and Post-Doctoral Researcher

Yakup KUTLU (2013)
Mustafa Kemal University, Iskenderum, Hatay, Turkey
Youngkwon Lim (2011-2012)
Samsung Telecommunications America, Richardson, TX
Juan Pablo Arias (2010-2011)
Adexus, Santiago, Chile

Master Students

Alec Burmania (2016-2018)
MS. Thesis: "Methods and experimental design for collecting emotional labels using crowdsourcing"
Lennox International
Yunjie Zhang (2016-2017)
PhD Student at UT Dallas
Anil Jakkam (2015-2017)
MS. Thesis: "A Multimodal Analysis of Synchrony during Dyadic Interaction Using a Metric Based on Sequential Pattern Mining."
Sumit Jha (2015-2016)
MS. Thesis: "Analysis and Estimation of Driver Visual Attention using Head Position and Orientation in Naturalistic Driving Conditions."
PhD Student at UT Dallas
Srinivas Parthasarathy (2013-2014)
MS. Thesis: "Relation Between Emotion Classification Performance and Evaluator Agreement with Absolute and Relative Descriptors."
PhD Student at UT Dallas
Sheldon Dsouza (2012)
Apple, Cupertino, CA
Tauhidur Rahman (2010-2012)
MS. Thesis: "Improving robustness of emotional speech detection system."
PhD student at Cornell University
Shalini Keshavamurthy (2010-2011)
UtopiaCompression Corp, Los Angeles, California
Jinesh Jain (2010-2011)
MS. Thesis: "Driver Distraction: Multimodal analysis and modeling of driver behavior in real-world scenarios."
Ford Motors Company, Palo Alto, CA
Anand Batlagundu (2010)
Qualcomm, San Diego, California
Somu Palaniappan (2010)
Nokia Siemens Networks, Dallas, Texas
Premkumar Sridhar (2009)
Ericsson Inc, Dallas, Texas

Undergraduate Students

Asim Gazi (2017-2018)
PhD Student at Georgia Institute of Technology
Michelle Bancroft (2016-2018)
Dorothy Mantle (2017-2018)
Alec Burmania (2012-2016)
Lennox International
Preston Luthy (2015)
Undergraduate Student at MIT
Jaejin Cho (2014-2015)
PhD student at John Hopkins University
Zackary Lindstrom (2013-2014)
M.S. UT Dallas (Systems Engineering and Management)
Tam Tran (2011-2014)
Sema Wireless

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