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Human-Centered Research Lab

Are you interested in joining our group?

We are looking for outstanding and innovative students with strong background in digital signal processing. We are interested in students with potential to do independent research.

Choosing a new Ph.D. student to work with for the next years is a major commitment. Therefore, it is important for us to choose the right students. Some of the aspects that we look are:

  • Your research interest (it should match with our research directions)
  • Your GPA, rank, and the quality of your educational institution
  • Previous publications in international journals and conferences
  • Your technical skills (programming, writing, speaking, math, etc.)
  • Prospective students should have completed or about to complete a M.S.
  • Previous experience in image and speech processing

Please send a short email to Prof. Busso if you are interested in joining the MSP lab. We will select the students whose passions are most closely aligned with our program. Therefore, I strongly suggest learning about our research program. You are welcome to download our publications, and contact the students working on the projects that interest you most.

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