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UT Dallas

CCST Participants and Department Affiliation

Farokh Bastani (CS)
AI-based automated software synthesis and testing; embedded real-time process-control and telecommunications system; formal methods and automated program transformation, high-assurance autonomous decentralized systems, high-confidence software reliability, safety, and security assurance, inherently fault-tolerant and self-stabilizing distributed systems, modular parallel programs, tele-collaborative systems.


Leonidas Bleris (BE)
Experimental Synthetic Biology, genome editing technologies, cell reprogramming



Alain Bensoussan (JSOM)
Applied mathematics; control theory risk management; inventory control; finance.



Robert Gregg (ME)
Prosthetics and Orthotics, Rehabilitation Engineering, Human Locomotion, Modeling and Control of Legged Robots, Nonlinear Control Theory.



Babak Fahimi (EE)
Adjustable speed motor drives, power electronic based systems, and electrified transportation; conceptualization, development, and analysis of various electromechanical actuators, energy harvesters, and sensors; multi-port power electronic interface (MPEI) for effective harvest, storage, and management of energy within a hybrid micro grid; double stator switched reluctance motor technology for electric propulsion of electrified transportation; SRM and PMSM drives; elimination of acoustic noise and vibration using multi-physics modeling techniques; optimal magnetic design of electromechanical energy converters; optimal design of power electronic converters for micro harvesters of energy harvesters.


Nick Gans (EE)
Vision-based control and state estimation; mobile robot control, nonlinear control; hybrid switched-system control; computer vision; multi-agent/distributed control and estimation; human/machine interaction.



Bob Hunt (EE)
Systems and signals; nonlinear control systems and signal processing.




Yaoyu Li (ME)
Mechatronics and control systems; control, optimization, dynamic modeling and fault diagnosis for mechanical and electromechanical systems, with strong emphasis on energy systems; dynamic modeling and controls for building HVAC systems; control and fault diagnosis for renewable energy systems (wind and solar); energy management and battery health management for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.


Ann Majewicz (ME)
Robotics, dynamic systems and control, medical and surgical robots, teleoperation, and haptics.


Reza Moheimani (ME)
Control Systems, Mechatronics, Nanotechnology


Ozalp Ozer (JSOM)
Mathematical, empirical and behavioral modeling for decisions, operations, and strategy. Pricing management; supply chain management; new product development and introduction; global production and logistics system design.



Wooram Park (ME)
Robotics, biomedical robots, computational structural biology, image processing.


Viswanath Ramakrishna (MATH)
Mathematics of control theory; chemical physics; development of systematic design of external laser impulses for femtosecond photochemistry; control theory and its areas of application in semiconductor heterostructures, inversion of molecular potentials and dipoles; developing algorithms for design of basic logic gates for quantum computation with a single atom or molecule. Nonlinear inversion, manifold theorems for systems interacting with an external input; nonlinear signal processing, filtering, and estimation; exterior differential systems of varying dimensions for applications to nonlinear partial differential equations with degeneracies.


Dmitry Rachinskiy (MATH)
Dynamical systems and systems with hysteresis, nonlinear analysis, applied mathematical modeling.


Mario Rotea (ME)
Methods and tools for the analysis and design of advanced multivariable control systems. Applied research in the control of noise and vibrations in mechanical and aerospace systems. Monitoring and control of energy storage and conversion systems.


Suresh Sethi (JSOM)
Supply chain management; partially observed inventory models; hierarchical decisions in dynamic stochastic manufacturing systems; dynamic and stochastic competitive advertising models; optimal pricing, development and maintenance of software; decision, forecast, and rolling horizons in dynamic optimization problems; scheduling and sequencing in robotic cells; mathematical finance; genuine savings; value of population.


Tyler Summers (ME)
Control and optimization, power and energy networks, distributed robotics


Mark Spong (EE)
Robotics; control systems; teleoperation


Yonas Tadesse (ME)
Humanoid robotics, emerging applications of smart materials, sensors, and actuators, mechatronic system, multimodal energy harvesting, modeling, controls and biomimetics.



Mathukumalli Vidyasagar (SYSE)
System and control theory and its applications; stochastic realization, specifically approximating high-order Markov and hidden Markov processes by lower-order processes, and the large deviation properties of such processes. Computational biology and quantitative finance.



Steve Yurkovich (SYSE)
System identification and modeling for control; nonlinear control systems; automotive control systems; energy storage systems modeling, identification and control; robotics and automation; flexible mechanical structures; aerospace control systems; process control systems; welding control systems.



Jie Zhang(ME)
Multidisciplinary design optimization, complex engineered systems, power & energy systems, renewable energy, grid modernization, big data analytics, probabilistic design