Table 1. List of sentences used in NOIZEUS.

Filename Speaker Gender Sentence text
sp01.wav CH  M The birch canoe slid on the smooth planks.
sp02.wav CH  M He knew the skill of the great young actress.
sp03.wav CH  M Her purse was full of useless trash.
sp04.wav CH  M Read verse out loud for pleasure.
sp05.wav CH  M Wipe the grease off his dirty face. 
sp06.wav DE  M Men strive but seldom get rich.
sp07.wav DE  M We find joy in the simplest things.
sp08.wav DE  M Hedge apples may stain your hands green.
sp09.wav DE  M Hurdle the pit with the aid of a long pole.
sp10.wav DE  M The sky that morning was clear and bright blue. 
sp11.wav JE  F He wrote down a long list of items. 
sp12.wav JE  F The drip of the rain made a pleasant sound.
sp13.wav JE  F Smoke poured out of every crack.
sp14.wav JE  F Hats are worn to tea and not to dinner.
sp15.wav JE  F The clothes dried on a thin wooden rack.
sp16.wav KI  F The stray cat gave birth to kittens.
sp17.wav KI F The lazy cow lay in the cool grass.
sp18.wav KI F The friendly gang left the drug store.
sp19.wav KI F We talked of the sideshow in the circus.
sp20.wav KI F The set of china hit the floor with a crash.
sp21.wav SI  M Clams are small, round, soft and tasty.
sp22.wav SI M The line where the edges join was clean.
sp23.wav SI M Stop whistling and watch the boys march.
sp24.wav SI M A cruise in warm waters in a sleek yacht is fun.
sp25.wav SI M A good book informs of what we ought to know.
sp26.wav TI  F She has a smart way of wearing clothes.
sp27.wav TI  F Bring your best compass to the third class.
sp28.wav TI  F The club rented the rink for the fifth night.
sp29.wav TI  F The flint sputtered and lit a pine torch.
sp30.wav TI  F Let's all join as we sing the last chorus.

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