COLEA: A Matlab Software Tool for Speech Analysis


Download program

The MATLAB program is distributed as freeware and is intended for non-commercial purposes only. It requires Matlab ver. 6.x (or 7.x) and Matlab's Signal Processing Toolbox.

Platform Memory requirements File
PC/Win2000 700 KB
Unix 700 KB colea.tar

If you have MATLAB ver. 4.2, you may download this file:

Installation instructions

Download manual

For more information, you may download the manual in pdf format: manual.pdf or postscript format: The manual is already included in the .zip or .tar files.


COLEA was originally developed in MATLAB 5.x, and is actually a subset of a COchLEA Implants Toolbox. It  does not exploit the new features of MATLAB 7.x. For more information about our research (supported by NIH) on cochlear implants, visit our web site.
Send any inquiries to Philip Loizou (email: [email protected] )