Signals and Systems Laboratory (EE 3102)

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Textbook: Manual for Signals and Systems Laboratory EE 3102

Prerequisite: CS 1315 Computer Science I

Course description

In this course, the student will acquire hands-on experience with programming in MATLAB. MATLAB will enable you to study and understand the theory behind signals and systems as well as validate the theory with real-word examples. The labs will cover linear time-invariant systems, Fourier series and Fourier transform, sampling, digital filters, along with several accompanying digital signal-processing (DSP) applications.


You must read each week’s experiment before coming to the lab. Try to understand the objectives of the experiment and determine what information you need to gather. You do not need to turn in any pre-lab work.

Lab notebook

Although a lab notebook is not required, it is recommended. In the laboratory notebook you may keep preliminary notes, details of experimental procedure, and a brief analyses of experimental results. Bound notebooks are available at the bookstore and are called “computation” notebooks.

Lab instruction sheet

At the beginning of each lab, you will be given a lab instruction sheet. The instruction sheet is meant to verify that you completed the lab. That sheet needs to be signed by the TA before leaving the lab. The lab sheet needs to be turned in with your lab report.


Lab reports

The reports need to be typed and must adhere to the format (organization) given in Appendix A of the Manual. That is, it should have a cover sheet, an introduction section, results, discussion of results and conclusions sections.

Attach to your report, the MATLAB code. Also, attach the signed lab instruction sheet.


All lab reports will receive equal weight, and will have the following grade distribution:

Correctness and detail of experimental work : 60%

Answers to questions:   20%
Neatness and writing of report: 20%

Lab grades will be assigned as follows:A: 90-100 -  B:80-89 - C: 70-79

D: 60-69-  F: below 60