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The University of Texas at Dallas Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science

Areas of Concentration

The Department of Systems Engineering at UT Dallas enjoys participation from a number of faculty and researchers across the Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science as well as the Jindal School of Management.  As an example, for those who share a common interest in control systems, the main vehicle for collaboration is the Center of Control Science and Technology.

Thus, while many diverse areas of research and curriculum are represented by the core faculty and affiliated faculty in the Department of Systems Engineering, we identify with a few basic, core areas of concentration which combine graduate level research and curriculum:

  • Control Systems and Mechatronic Systems
  • Financial Engineering
  • Energy Systems

In addition to the above, we offer curriculum-centric concentration areas that have been formulated for the flexible Systems Engineering and Management MS degree program . These concentration areas consist of four courses (12 semester hours) in the degree program, and include:  Healthcare Systems, Telecom and IT Networks, Information Assurance and Cyber-security, Global Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Enterprise Systems. Finally, because of the flexible nature of the MS degree program, students may submit for approval a “personalized” concentration area that focuses on aspects of systems engineering, and may combine elements of other concentration areas on a focused theme.

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