The Young Women in Science and Engineering (YWISE) Investigators program main purpose is to promote scientific research in a team environment and to provide real world research and design experience to increase high school student's interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The Young WISE Investigators Program mentors students on an academic, year-long science project, where at least ten groups of three high school or community college juniors or seniors from low socio-economic backgrounds will engage in a team approach to research, design, and conduct a project over different areas of Science & Engineering. The top 3 ranked teams in the end of the project poster competition are eligible to apply for scholarship support to attend UT Dallas.

In its fourth year during 2015-2016, the program provided mentoring and support for 54 student investigators, in 17 teams of three to four students from 8 high schools, including community college in the Dallas area. There were 10 teachers from high schools, 13 faculty mentors from UT Dallas, 26 college mentors from UT Dallas, and 19 industry professionals from Texas Instruments, Ericsson, and Cisco participating in the program as mentors for those teams.

In its fifth year during 2016-2017, the program will be enhanced with new technologies and will incorporate lessons learned than in the previous four years. The success of the program and the teams' completion of their projects depend on an advisory team of mentors comprised of UT Dallas students and professors, professionals from corporations, and high school science teachers. Each advisory board of mentors guides one team of three to four student participants through the project development cycle.

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