Frequently Asked Scholarship Questions


I’ve been awarded an Jonsson School scholarship - now what?
Once notified that you have been chosen to receive an award, you must complete the scholarship acceptance process:

What are the criteria for selecting candidates for scholarships?
A majority of the Jonsson School scholarships are based on merit. Your GPA is a key factor, although some scholarships are based on additional criteria such as financial need, field of study, career interests, student organization involvement, leadership or work experience.

Will I be eligible for my scholarship if I am studying abroad?
In most cases, your engineering scholarship is available while you are studying abroad if you are participating in an engineering or university approved study abroad program.

Are there other scholarship opportunities available?
In addition to our school-specific scholarships, UT Dallas considers all incoming freshmen for the Academic Excellence Scholarship Program. Visit the AES website for details. A list of all University scholarships can be found on the UT Dallas Scholarship website for a complete list. The Financial Aid office is available to provide further assistance, including a tool to search for third-party scholarships.

Do you have other questions regarding scholarships for the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science?
Vist our contact information page.