Jonsson School Research Labs

Advanced Computation Lab

Advanced Networking and Dependent Systems Laboratory

Artificial Intelligence Lab

Broadband Information Transmission & Signal Processing Lab

CAD and Visualization Lab

Compiler and Architecture Research Lab

Computer Graphics & Animation Lab

Computer Vision and Multimedia Systems Lab

DSP and Communications Lab

Formal Method Lab

Laboratory of Advanced Computer and Network Architectures

Micro-device Research Laboratory - MdRL

Mixed-Signal and Power IC Laboratory

Multimedia Distance Learning Lab

Multimedia Systems and Networking Lab

Nano-Characterization Lab

NET Lab - Scalable Network Engineering Techniques Laboratory

Optical Communications laboratory

Parallel Computation Lab

Requirements Engineering Lab

Resource Allocation and Scheduling Lab

Software Architecture Lab

Software and Information Visualization Lab

Software Technology Advanced Research

Telecommunications Lab

Telecommunications and SE Lab

Ultra-High-Vacuum Wafer Bonding Lab

Visual Computing

Wireless information systems Lab