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UT Dallas

Active TxACE Research Summary
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PI Task Title SA/Thrust
Jafari, Roozbeh An Ultra-low Power Signal Processing with Smart Analog-enabled Pre-Conditioning Stage for Inertial Sensing Applications ICSS/Circuits (HC)
Lee, Hoi High-Efficiency Highly-Integrated LED Driver Systems for Solid-State Lighting Applications ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Torlak, Murat Silicon Based Beamforming Arrays for Millimeter Wave Systems ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Vogel, Eric SPICE Models and Analog Circuits for Nanoscale Silicon Chemical- and Biological-Sensors ICSS/Circuits (HC)
Li, Changzhi High Accuracy All-CMOS Temperature Sensor with Low-Voltage Low-Power Subthreshold MOSFETs Front-End and Performance-Enhancement Techniques
ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Li, Peng Hierarchical Model Checking for Practical Analog/Mixed-Signal Design Verification
ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Liu, Jin Power-Efficient 10-20GS/s ADCs for High-Speed Communications
ICSS/Circuits (FA/EE)
Palermo, Sam Design Techniques for Scalable, Sub-1mW/Gbps Serial I/O Transceivers
ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Bleris, Leonidas Analog Computing in Human Cells
ICSS/Circuits (HC)
Li, Peng System-Level Models and Design of Power Delivery Networks with On-Chip Voltage Regulators  ICSS/ISD (EE)
Evans, Brian Powerline Communications for Enabling Smart Grid Applications  ICSS/ISD (EE)
Lie, Donald Ultra-low-power Analog Front-End IC Design for Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Devices
ICSS/Circuits (HC)
O / Stojanovic Energy Efficient Comparator Elements for A/D and High-Speed I/O
ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Entesari, Kamran A Fully-Integrated CMOS Platform for Microwave-Based Label-Free DNA Sensing
ICSS/Circuits (HC)
Hella, Mona Characterization of CMOS Basic Building Blocks for Sub-THz Wideband Transmitters ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Kim, Jaeha Global Convergence Analysis of Mixed-Signal Systems CADTS/LPD (EE)
McMahon, Richard Electronic Systems for Small-scale Wind Turbines ICSS/Circuits(EE)
Ringwood, John Optimum Control of Power Converters ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Hassibi, Arjang Fully-Integrated Photovoltaic (PV) Power Harvesting CMOS ICs
ICSS/Circuits (HC)
Chatterjee, Abhijit Low Cost Test of High Speed Signals: Data Acquisition and Jitter Analysis CADTS/TT (SS)
Makris, Yiorgos Coverage and Test Methodology CADTS/TT (FA)
Burleson Sub-45nm Circuits for True Random Number Generation and Chip Identification  ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Mukhopadhyay Design of 3D Integrated Heterogeneous Systems  ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Di Ultra-Low Power Delay-Insensitive Asynchronous Circuits
ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Kim Statistical Characterization of Circuit Aging ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Murmann High-Resolution, Charge-Based A/D Converters for Nano-CMOS Technologies  ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Hella CMOS THz Generation and Detection  ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Kinget Variation-Tolerant Noise-Shaping ADCs With Embedded Digital Bias and V(DD) Scalable from 0.5V to 1.2V for Nanoscale CMOS  ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Harjani Combined Inductive/Capacitive DC-DC Converter for Efficient Dynamic Voltage Scaling  ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Alon Low-Cost Energy-Efficient 60GHz Transceivers with Built-In Test (BIST) ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Floyd Built-In Test for Millimeter-Wave Phased Arrays ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Ozev Analog, Mixed-Signal and RF/High Speed Test CADTS/TT (SS)
Allstot CMOS Switched-Capacitor Power Amplifier Techniques ICSS/Circuits (FA/EE)
Apsel Variation Tolerant Calibration Circuits for High Performance I/O ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Gui An Anyrate Reference-less Digital Clock-Data-Recover (CDR) with Decoupled Jitter Transfer and Jitter Tolerance Bandwidths ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Gharpurey, Ranjit Efficient Digital-Intensive Wireless Transmitters Utilizing Switching Mode Pas ICSS/Circuits (FA/EE)
Oklobdzija Low-Power Comparator Elements for A/D Converters and High-Speed I/Os ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Hanumolu Digitally-Enhanced Clocking Strategies to Improve Energy-Efficiency of Serial Links ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Akinwande High-Data Rate Low-Cost Dielectric Waveguide Interconnects on Flexible Plastic Substrates ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Makris, Yiorgos A Model-View-Controller (MVC) Platform for Adaptive Test CADTS/TT (SS)
Kim Variability-Aware, Discrete Optimization for Analog Circuits CADTS/LPD (FA)
Roychowdhury Accurate FSM Approximations of Analog/RF Subsystems CADTS/LPD (SS)
Shi Test Generation for Mixed-Signal Design Verification and Post-Silicon Debugging CADTS/LPD (FA)
Nikolic Mixed-Signal Design Centering in Deeply Scaled Technologies CADTS/LPD (FA)
Moon Dual-Domain SAR ADCs Incorporating Both Voltage and Time Information ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Harjani Sub mW Wireless Transceiver Frontends for Body Area Networks ICSS/Circuits (HC)
Mantooth Modeling of Analog and Switching Circuits ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Kim Test Techniques and Fault Modeling for High Voltage Devices and Boards CADTS/(EE)
Saquib Sparse 2D MIMO Radar Transceiver Design and Prototyping for 3D Millimeter-Wave Imaging ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Torlak Superresolution Techniques for 3D Millimeter Wave Radars ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Jafari Reconfigurable Brain Computer Interface ICSS/Circuits (HC)
Fahimi Fault Tolerant Drive Module for Double Stator Switched Reluctance Motor Drive (DSSRM) ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Ma Cross-Regulation-Free Single-Inductor Multiple-Output DC-DC Power Converters with Nano-Second Load Transient Response ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Chiu IF-Sampling CMOS ADC Front-End with 100-dB Linearity ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Geiger Verification of Multi-State Vulnerable AMS Circuits CADTS/VER (FA)
Ma Performance-Oriented DVS-Compatible Single-Inductor Multiple-Output Power Converters ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Moon New Paradigms for High-Performance Amplification
ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Mukhopadhyay Distributed Power Delivery Architecture for 2D and 3D Integrated Circuits
ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Palermo Advanced ADC-Based Serial Link Receiver Architectures
ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Blaauw Shortstop: Fast Power Supply Boosting for Energy-Efficient, High-Performance Processors ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Wentzloff Synthesized Cell-Based ADPLL Implementation for Accelerated Design ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Eldar Frequency Shapeable Multichannel ADCs ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Li Analysis and Characterization of Switched-Mode DC-DC Power Converters CADTS/LPD (EE)
Gharpurey Transmitter Architectures for
Powerline Communications
ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Geiger / Chen Performance and Reliability Enhancement of Embedded ADC with Value-Added BIST CADTS/Test (FA)
Bakkaloglu / Kiaei Low Noise, Low Ripple Fully Integrated Isolated DCDC Converters for Signal Chain Applications ICSS/Circuits (EE)
O, Kenneth K. Demonstration of 180‐300 GHz Transmitter for Rotational Spectroscopy ICSS/Circuit Design (SS)
Lee, Mark Evaluation of Frequency and Noise Performance of CMOS 180 – 300 GHz Spectrometer Transmitter and Receiver Components ICSS/Circuit Design (SS)
Banerjee, Bhaskar Demonstration of 180 – 300 GHz Receiver for Rotational Spectroscopy ICSS/Circuit Design (SS)
Henderson, Rashaunda M. On‐Chip Integration Techniques for 180‐300 GHz Spectrometers ICSS/Circuit Design (SS)
Kim, Bruce Test Techniques and Fault Modeling for High Voltage Devices and Boards CADTS/Test (EE)
Hanumolu, Pavan Digitally-Enhanced Clocking Strategies to Improve Energy-Efficiency of Serial Links ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Flynn, Michael 10GS/s+ Resolution-Scalable (4-7bits) ADCs ICSS/Circuits (FA)
De Lucia, Frank Design Spin Reduction via Integrated THz Design:  Applications, Physics, and System Engineering ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Chen, Degang Precision Test without Precision Instruments - A Necessity for Future On-chip Self-test and Self Healing CADTS/Test (FA)
Li, Peng Statistical Analog Design Property Checking CADTS/Ver (FA)
Hanumolu, Pavan Energy-Efficient Digitally-Enhanced Rapid ON/OFF Links in Nanoscale CMOS ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Ozev, Sule Bulit-In Self-Test Techniques for Test, Calibration and Trimming of Power CADTS/Test (EE)
Makris, Yiorgos (SS) Process Variation Anatomy: A Statistical Nexus Between Design, Manufacturing and Yield CADTS/Test (SS)
Kim, Jaeha Fault Coverage Analysis of Analog/Mixed-Signal Tests Based on Statistical Dissimilarity CADTS/Test (FA)
Al-Dhahir, Naofal / Evans, Brian Energy-Efficient Signal Processing Techniques for Smart Grid Heterogeneous Communications Networks ICSS/Systems (EE)
Kinget, Peter Hybrid Two-Step PLLs for Digital SoCs in Nanoscale CMOS ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Babakhani, Aydin Sub-Picosecond Synchronization of Widely Spaced Imaging Arrays ICSS/Circuits (SS)
Nikolic, Borivoje Injection-Locked Ring Oscillators for Clock Distribution in Manycore Processors ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Niknejad, Ali 50GS/s and Beyond Frequency-interleaved Energy-Efficient ADCs ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Temes, Gabor Micro-Power Analog-to-Digital Data Converters ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Ma, Dongsheng Enabling Fully-Integrated VHF CLK-Sync Multiphase Switching Regulators on Silicon ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Raychowdhury, Arijit Embedded & Adaptive Voltage Regulators with Practive Noise Reduction for Digital Loads Under Wide Dynamic Range ICSS/Circuits (EE)
Rosenbaum, Elyse IC Design for Resilience Against System-Level ESD ICSS/Circuits (FA)
Blaauw, David Low Power Applications of FRAM (EE)
Palermo, Sam Design Techniques for Modulation-Agile and Energy-Efficient 60+Gb/s Receiver Front-Ends SS
Lee, Hoi High Efficiency High-voltage Power Converters EE
Lee, Mark RF and Mixed Signal Quntum CMOS Devices and Circuits FA
Ma, Dongsheng On-chip AC-DC Power Conversion with Ground Distrurbance Shielding for Environmental Sensing Applications EE